is Ben Rudgers

Remarks on the Kludgecode Extrude command

I had the software dream of writing nickle and dime code for Vectorworks. The idea of multiple extrude came up in this discussion. It’s not a bad little program, and got me started learning Vectorscript.

Vectorscript like most aspects of vectorworks is a feature. It was executed in the easiest way in terms of improving marketing collateral. As a scripting language it’s abysmal because it requires compilation and thus makes interactive development impossible.

The first pass at the code for the kludgecode extrude command is:

Procedure main;

Procedure something (h : handle);

        setselect (h);

        domenutextbyname ('extrude and edit', 0);

    End; {something}

Begin {main}

    Foreachobject(something, sel=true);     

End; {main}

run (main);

But it didn’t do everything I wanted.