is Ben Rudgers

Remarks: Epigram 6

This is part of a writing exercise around Alan Perlis‘s Epigrams in Programming.

Symmetry is a complexity-reducing concept (co-routines include subroutines); seek it everywhere.

[An obviously Hickian interpretation] Data aggregating to data is even more symmetric than co-routines including subroutines. Co-routines and subroutines implement different logic – a subroutine can be functional a co-routine cannot because co-routine is a way not only of maintaining state but of making one state dependent on another. A co-routine is a continuation which is inherently stateful rather than seeking to be a datum.

[A caveat] My formal understanding of co-routines is Wikipedian, and the 70 points of intelligence Wikipedia gives me may not be sufficient to overcome my ignorance regarding them and to a lesser degree continuations.