is Ben Rudgers

Did Google just Outflank Apple in the Tech Press?

While last months iPhone to Verizon PR event was lacking in substance, today’s rollout of Steve & Rupert’s dollar-a-week love child was lacking in the sort of tech press coverage Apple is famous for generating.

It’s not that the press wasn’t there, or that standard form tweets and blogs were not written. It’s that Apple polishing did not dominate the tech-press in the lead up to the event nor dominate today’s coverage in the way in which we have all become accustom.  John Gruber said “meh” and MG Siegler didn’t write about it at all.  Apple wound up with less tech press buzz for this event than comes with a run of the mill announcement of slightly faster processors in the plastic Macbook.

It really looks like Google managed to steal a march on Apple. Yesterday’s Binggate drowned out the traditional flood of eve of event  articles predicting that Apple will once again change the world. Instead, this afternoon stories about  the Google Appstore were listed above conventional Apple-revolutionary-innovation pieces. Last night even MG Siegler was writing about tweets between Google and Microsoft as folks on the east coast headed off to bed.  Come morning Siegler was writing about a Microsoft press release on H.264 not Apple (yes a press release).  The rest of the his day was spent on Google. If this isn’t the beginning of the Apple-ocalypse, what is?

The conspiracy lover in me wants to believe that part of Binggate was Microsoft applying the PT Barnum principle of press coverage – it’s all good so long as your name is spelled correctly, but even if that’s not the case weighing in on H.264 today was not coincidence. Google, though clearly went all out. Generating tech media coverage of Binggate and the Android Appstore improvements were both concerted and well executed efforts.  But it is Apple’s sudden inability to dominate the tech press which is so stunning.

It didn’t take long, less than a month in fact, for Steve Jobs absence from Apple to become obvious. Without him at the iPhone, the tech press appears to be moving on.