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My Failed Startup: Part B – KludgeOmatic Now on Github

I joined Hacker News on May 24, 2010 - about five months after the collapse of my startup dreams. It's taken three years to get the point of open source - yes the announcement of KludgeOmatic would Continue Reading

My Failed Startup: Part A

I had a failed startup and didn't know it until I started blogging. A few weeks ago, as I was writing the first posts about the Vectorscript projects I created, I suddenly was struck by the fact Continue Reading

Remarks: Epigram 14

This is part of a writing exercise around Alan Perlis‘s Epigrams in Programming. "In the long run every program becomes rococo, then rubble." Rococo comes after the "baroque" and this epigram is Continue Reading

Some other Preference Toggles

All these files are dated 2009/8/18      Auto Join Walls Procedure toggle_pref_Auto_Join_Walls; BEGIN SetPref(33, NOT GetPref(33)); END; Run Continue Reading

Have a Bad Day: VectorScript’s OpenURL

So playing around with writing demoWare got me thinking about how much foresight went into VectorScript's architecture. Like the rest of VectorWorks, it's really just a mashup of features. Among them Continue Reading

The Argument Button: Toggle Black and White Preferences

I wrote some useful code   - actually auto-generated it for all the preferences, more on that below - added a nice icon and posted it up with instructions on how to use it. What do you get for Continue Reading

The Production Code for KludgeCode Extrude

The key to making the program do what I really required digging around in VectorScript's abysmal documentation and crap examples until I found the "Array of Handles". And here's the thing I Continue Reading

Remarks on the Extrude Demo

A first attempt at writing a limited demo - in order to force the user to buy my wonderful utility. Writing the demo wrapper was the bulk of the effort: PROCEDURE super; VAR index : Continue Reading