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It ain’t the Beast Pi, but it’s still ugly [part 1]

It ain’t the Beast Pi, but it’s still ugly [part 1]

You might remember I skipped cases because I wasn't sure what I wanted. A couple of weeks ago I read about ResinIO's Beast Pi design. It's a nice piece of aesthetics and at a high level of Continue Reading

Option Stacks: Solving the Horowitz-Altman Conundrum

Abstract Early stage investment constitutes greater risk and should offer commensurately larger rewards. Using the option stack an option accrues additional value in accordance with the degree to Continue Reading

Racket: Windows COM-object Example

This morning's lesson from investigating a StackOverflow question (which I have not answered): #lang racket (require ffi/com) (define ie (com-create-instance "InternetExplorer.Application")) Continue Reading

How I am learning Git on Windows

Preramble: My interest in version control arises in no small part from the years of using informal systems and loose in house standards for managing documents for architectural projects. If it was Continue Reading

A Literate Programming Example in Racket

This post is based on an extended example. The source files for it are available on Github The weaved output from those source files can be seen here on the project page. Racket’s scribble/lp Continue Reading

Generating Permuations in Racket Using ‘for/list

Generating a list of permuations in Racket: > (for/list ( #:when i #:when j ) (list i j k)) '((1 #\a 'a) (1 #\a 'b) (1 #\a 'c) (1 Continue Reading

The Hacker School Application : overkill for FizzBuzz

Today, I applied to Hacker School, just because I could, or maybe because it gave me an excuse to code up FizzBuzz or in this case CracklePop. Buried in the last week of Coursera's Programming Continue Reading

Remarks: Epigram 15

"Everything should be built top-down, except the first time." Buildings start from the foundation and work their way up. Once they have a roof, then the interior is finished from the top down - or Continue Reading