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Sure Ubuntu, But I can’t seem to.

Like all great plans, my plan to run Ubuntu on my Raspberry Pi's has not survived first contact with reality. Ubuntu Snappy Core I'd thought about Ubuntu and there were two options on the Raspberry Continue Reading

Easy to Use

I have Amazon Prime and it comes with free two day shipping and technically my order arrived in two days. If just the five pack of ethernet cables arriving counts technically. The Raspberry Pi 3's Continue Reading

Plan is Raspberry Pi, what should I buy?

Computers I considered going with Raspberry Pi Zero's for $5.00 a pop. The limit on purchasing seems to be one per order. What about Raspberry Pi 2's? Well they're not readily available and where Continue Reading

A Nitwit’s Plan

Rambling Introduction I drive the boys up and back from Birmingham about at least once a week for practice and the idea of building a personal cluster came to me three weeks ago around Alexander Continue Reading