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My Failed Startup: Part B – KludgeOmatic Now on Github

I joined Hacker News on May 24, 2010 - about five months after the collapse of my startup dreams. It's taken three years to get the point of open source - yes the announcement of KludgeOmatic would Continue Reading

Musings on FOSS: Part A

I was having an unproductive discussion on HN about FOSS, so I thought I would write about it a bit this morning. In the long run GPL is a step backward from the public domain. It complects ideas Continue Reading

Documenting versus Commenting

This post was written as a response to this thread on HN. I am reading two introductory computer programming texts simultaneously, and have been thinking about comments recently, and your post Continue Reading

Where Do I Want to Send a Check?

This morning I read Fred Wilson's You Are Working Too Hard And Not Getting Anywhere via HN. In any business idea, I start by thinking, "How can I get people to give me money." No doubt because of Continue Reading

S-Expression Isomorphism Between Lisp and Markup

Expressive Data in Lisp Lists based on Programming in an Interactive Environment . I came across this little snippet and was impressed by the degree of isomorphism between s-expressions and markup Continue Reading

Paul Graham’s Recipe for Pasta

I've been reading Paul Graham's book - or rather reading from it for several months since picking up a used copy on Amazon for about $30. When reading his notes and going back to  the text to see Continue Reading


My interest is in computing’s artifacts. It’s philosophical not particularly pragmatic. I’m not a programmer. Or a hardware guru. I’ve come to believe myself the amateur anthropologist. I Continue Reading

A Crude F. U. Money Calculator

Prompted by regular posts regarding equity at startups and my own experience as a stockholder in a small business not turning into "Google Chef" wealth, I made a Fuck You Money calculator. It's Continue Reading