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Documentation is a Feature

The problem As Alice in Wonderland {1}, I think about all the times I have chased around documentation structured where eggs links to bacon and sausage; bacon links to sausage and eggs; and sausage Continue Reading

Thoughts on Emacs

Regardless of if learning Emacs seems hard, it will always seem there is something else to learn. Not surprising for software that's been in continuous development for more than 30 years. Anyway, as Continue Reading

Remarks: Epigram 14

This is part of a writing exercise around Alan Perlis‘s Epigrams in Programming. "In the long run every program becomes rococo, then rubble." Rococo comes after the "baroque" and this epigram is Continue Reading

Remarks on From OOP to Lisp Part A

What was interesting was that I used Emacs to type both code examples - the first time I've tried to use Emacs as a productivity tool. And it really worked well - formatting between languages, Continue Reading

The Problem with SLIME

A programmer wants to learn Lisp, now he has two things to learn. Lisp and Emacs. I no longer feel lost in Emacs. Once I started reading EmacsRedux, I was able to anchor it to my background with Continue Reading